Facebook Ads

More Leads
Do you need more qualified leads? Facebook advertising will help you achieve your business targets by connecting you with people who are ready to do business with you.
More Sales
Every business needs sales right? Through facebook ads you can increase your sales dramatically by using special features such as retargeting, split testing and custom audience targeting.
More Profits
Ever wondered what you can do diffrently to increase profits? Facebook advertising has revolutionised the marketing industry by helping companies generate figures they never imagined.

Why use Facebook advertising?

If you’re not integrating Facebook ads into your marketing plan you are absolutely leaving money on the table.Facebook  ads are one of the most powerful modern advertising tools. This is why more and more successful businesses are rapidly shifting their budget from traditional advertising to Facebook advertising. You too can take advantage of Facebook advertising to  generate more traffic,  more leads, boost  revenue and achieve  your targets.

Facebook is a proven adverting platform

  1.    Facebook has a massive global audience of over 1.15 Billion active users.
  2.    819 million Facebook users access the platform via their mobile devices.
  3.    Facebook’s  advertising reaches 91% of targeted audience while other advertising only reaches 27 %
  4.    Take your business from survival mode to consistent growth
  5.    Reach your ideal audience in an cost effective way
  6.    Since the year 2010 the amount of advertising on Facebook has grown by 680%


Who needs Facebook advertising?

The Entrepreneur

You’ve recently started a business  and  you need an impactful marketing

strategy to  bring in more customers & incease sales exponentially.



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The Marketer

You work for a company and you are searching for an effective marketing

strategy to achieve impressive results & meet your targets.  


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The Business Owner

You have some Facebook knowledge, but you know there is a bigger opportunity waiting for you on Facebook that only an expert  can  help you achieve .You want to use social media marketing as part of your competitive advantage to edge out your competitors & increase your market share.


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The Startup

You are launching a new company and need a proven marketing strategy  which will connect you with the right customers & help you make profits on your first month.


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What can Facebook ads do for you?

Accurate and cost effective audience targeting

Facebook ads have a high precision targetting  technique which will help you get more leads and increase sales while reducing your customer aquisition cost.  You can target people on your e-mail list, people who have visited your website, engaged couples, individuals in a specific age range or Individuals with an active shoping behaviour.  Facebook's endless targeting options will help you target the exact  demographic you want while saving on your marketing budget .

Increase brand awareness

Every month over 1.6 billion people are engaging each other on facebook.  Facebook has the right numbers to help you grow your brand and  build authority in your industry. Through facebook advertising we will connect your business to the right people so that you can spread your message.

Outperform competitors & stay ahead of the curve

The success of your business relies on your ability to stay ahead of the curve. Facebook advertising will help you outperform your competitors by making it easy for you to reach the people who mater to your business. With Facebook ads you can easily building a massive community of repeat customers who are loyal to your brand.

Rescue your business

Facebook ads have a low customer aquisition cost. This makes facebook advertising the perfect marketing strategy for rescuing any strugging company wanting big results from a small budget.  All around the world Facebook advertising has been part of the transformation stories of many companies. You too can pe part of these success stories by integrating facebook into your marketing structure. What better way to revive a struggling business than a proven marketing strategy? 

Are you ready to explode your business through Facebook advertising?